There are Four Honors in the PACE Award Competition

  • Best in Show
    The community with the overall highest score in the PACE Awards Program. There is only one Best in Show community among all of the participants.
  • Winner
    The winner of each category is the community that scored the highest percentage. There is only one winner per category. In 2017, there over 200 participating communities with a total of 35 categories. Awards were presented to lease-ups, market rate, senior and affordable housing communities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. Each award category is tailored to different rent ranges to ensure apples- to-apples comparisons.
  • Judge’s Choice
    These are the communities that really wowed both judges for some specific reason but they were not the overall category Winner. There may be more than one Judge’s Choice per category. In 2017, there were 12 communities that earned this extraordinary honor. Some of them stood out with overall professional excellence. Others excelled in a certain areas of property operation, for example, the use of technology, green practices and resident services.
  • Distinguished Community
    Every community that received a score of 95% or higher but was not considered the Winner of their category. There may be more than one Distinguished Community per category.